Whether the topic is digital compositing, visual effects, or digital intermediate, Steve always delivers a lively and informative presentation and is a frequent speaker at trade shows, seminars, and universities. His unique ability to explain technical issues to a lay audience makes the complex seem simple and the obtuse mundane. Here are the highlights and venues of Steve's many speaking engagements.


ves career fair 2012Visual Effects Society
VFX Career & Tech Expo
Los Angeles, CA
Presenter - Nuke for Beginners
June 16, 2012

Every year the Visual Effects Society (VES) holds its annual Career Fair & Tech Expo(s) in Los Angeles, New York and London. Companies from the respective local areas hold a career fair and multiple technology companies come in to demonstrate their latest software packages and more. This year Steve was a presenter for Nuke by The Foundry in a session called "Nuke for Beginners" where he provided a tour of Nuke's interface, the virtues of node based compositing, the roto paint node, Nuke's awesome 3D compositing capabilities plus  a whole lot more.

nab mocha NAB SHOW
Las Vegas, Nevada
Mocha Demonstrator
April 16-19, 2012

The NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) is the world’s largest event covering film and video entertainment from creation to delivery. The show features major product announcements, demos, new technology, conferences, as well as classes, workshops, and lectures. This year's NAB had 1600 exhibitors and over 92,000 attendees. Steve took the microphone at Imagineer’s booth three times a day and delivered demonstrations of the new Mocha Pro v3 that included the new dopesheet and improvements in the 3D Camera Solver to name a few.

nab nuke copy NAB SHOW
Las Vegas, Nevada
Nuke Demonstrator
April 11-14, 2011

The NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) is the world’s largest event covering film and video entertainment from creation to delivery. The show features major product announcements, demos, new technology, conferences, as well as classes, workshops, and lectures. NAB sports a huge showfloor with 1550 exhibitors and over 88,000 attendees. Steve took the microphone at The Foundry’s booth and delivered daily demonstration of how Nuke is used in the hot new market of 2D to 3D stereo conversion.

nab mocha

Las Vegas, Nevada
Mocha Demonstrator
April 11-14, 2011

The NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) is the world’s largest event covering film and video entertainment from creation to delivery. The show features major product announcements, demos, new technology, conferences, as well as classes, workshops, and lectures. NAB sports a huge showfloor with 1550 exhibitors and over 88,000 attendees. Steve took the microphone at Imagineer’s booth twice a day and delivered demonstrations of Mocha, their tracking and rotosocoping product, and how it is used for 2D to 3D stereo conversion.

Hollywood, CA
Guest Speaker- “3D Stereo Essentials: Capture to Conversion”
Feb 8, 2011

The Los Angeles Chapter of Siggraph sponsored and evening on the hot topic of 2D to 3D stereo conversion. The topics covered were stereo capture, stereo compositing, and stereo 3D conversion. The presenters were James Neihouse, IMAX stereographer and DP, Jonathan Karafin, VP of International Operations for In-Three, and, of course, Steve.  The proceedings were hosted by Marty Schindler who also provided a business and financial overview of the health and future of the 2D to 3D conversion industry.

Los Angeles, CA
Presenter- “Stereo VFX Compositing”
June 25-27, 2010

The VFX Boot Camp was designed to teach stereoscopic filmmaking to vfx supervisors and other players in the feature film industry. This three day boot camp featured many impressive presenters such as Scott Squires, a top vfx supervisor nominated for three academy awards, Tammy Sutton-Walker, a compositing supervisor for the stereo conversion of “Clash of the Titans”, the RED BX3 stereo camera rig, the Panasonic AG-3DA1 stereo camera, and, of course, Steve, presenting stereo compositing techniques using Nuke and OCULA.

RIT icon

Rochester, NY
Remote Lecturer- “VFX Compositing”
Feb 16 & 18, 2010

The Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, is a major technical university offering 90 different bachelor’s degree programs in science, engineering, and, of course, filmmaking. The School of Film and Animation (SOFA) invited Steve to make a virtual appearance from Los Angeles to deliver a 2 hour lecture followed by a 4 hour lab on compositing visual effects.

Hollywood, CA
Keynote Speaker- “3D Compositing: The New Workflow Paradigm”
Dec 8, 2009

The Los Angeles Chapter of Siggraph sponsored and evening of 3D compositing, the new workflow for VFX compositing. Steve was the keynote speaker using Nuke to demonstrate a variety of applications of 3D compositing for VFX shots. The theme was to demonstrate how 3D compositing changes the workflow of VFX production by moving many of the operations previously done in the slower and more expensive 3D department into the 2D department where they can be done faster and chapter.

nw florida state college 150px

Niceville, Florida
Remote Learning Lecturer- “Keying Greenscreens”
Nov 21, 2009

Northwest Florida State College sponsored an all-day Green Screen Event with several industry speakers and presentations designed to generate interest in a visual effects center in Florida. Steve made a virtual appearance at the event from Los Angeles using “Illuminate” distance learning software to deliver this talk on keying greenscreen and bluescreen shots.

Raleigh, North Carolina
Guest Speaker - “Compositing Visual Effects”
Feb 23 - 24, 2009

Digital Circus is a large school of communication arts in Raleigh, North Carolina, specializing in animation, filmmaking and digital media. Steve was invited to deliver a series of talks to the staff and student body over a two-day period on the current state of compositing visual effects. The topics covered included the techniques of rendering multi-pass cgi layers that are then blended in compositing as well as the new trend towards 3D compositing. Students were also given advice on building demo reels, creating shot breakdowns, and tips on how to find jobs once they graduate from school.

Standing room only at the 2008 O.C Animation Celebration!

Burbank, CA
Guest Speaker - “Shooting Bluescreens and Greenscreens”
December 6, 2008

The Digital Cinema Society invited Steve to speak to the assembled group on the subject of shooting bluescreens and greenscreens as seen from the compositing point of view. Steve first delivered a Power Point presentation citing proper technique of lighting the backing and the talent, then listed tips on the actual photography. Next came a series of film scans demonstrating the problems introduced when not properly shot and what the compositor must do to cope. Many in the audience were cinematographers and videographers that were very glad to get the information and a chance to do Q&A with Steve. Watch the streaming video event on the DCS website. Scroll down the page until you see the event and click on the QuickTime link below.

OC talk

Orange County, CA
Guest Speaker - "Movie Magic - Bluescreen Compositing"
July 26, 2008

Steve delivers a bluescreen compositing presentation to the enraptured throng at the Orange County Fair 2008 Animation Celebration. Forty-one schools participated in the event and Steve delivered three presentations in one evening on “Movie Magic – Bluescreen Compositing”. Several bluescreen shots were demonstrated along with explanations of the process, what can go wrong, and fascinating movie production “war stories”. 

Steve was invited to speak on the "Future of Filmmaking" at Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY
Guest Speaker - "Movies and Microchips: The Digitization of the Feature Film Industry"
March 31, 2008

Steve was invited for a return engagement as a guest speaker at Syracuse University to deliver another talk to their budding filmmakers. His thesis: Technical, creative and economic pressures will combine to force the feature film industry into an all-digital future within the next 10 years. The history of the digitization of the feature film industry was traced from its origins with the first off-line editing system through today’s digital cinema projection technology and projected to the future of digital capture. One unusual aspect of this talk was that it was delivered remotely from Los Angeles to New York over the internet.

Gnomon, Hollywood, CA
Guest Speaker - "Greenscreen Compositing"
February 12, 2008

The Los Angeles Chapter of Siggraph sponsored an evening of greenscreen compositing with presentations by Steve, Ron Ungerman from Ultimatte, and Jon Erland from Compositing Components Company. Jon presented an historical tour of the greenscreen traveling matte process from the earliest days of filmmaking. Ron provided a demonstration of the Ultimatte, the premier real-time greenscreen and bluescreen compositing hardware. Steve presented bluescreen and greenscreen compositing for vfx demonstrating digital compositing techniques to refine and enhance the quality of the composited shot.

atari box signing

Las Vegas, NV
Panel Member - "Atari 2600 Game Console"
July 28, 2007

Every year for the last 10 years a hardy group of video gaming enthusiasts have assembled themselves together for an Expo in celebration of the early days of video gaming. Classic video games are the first generation of video games featuring the sprite-based 2D systems of the Atari 2600, Matell Intellivision, Nintendo, and others that were produced in the early 80's. As a game programmer for Atari early in his career, Steve was invited to be a speaker on the Atari 2600 game developers panel to talk about the early days of video game development at Atari. Questions from the surprisingly large audience ranged from technical aspects of the game chips and development stations to corporate strategies and the inevitable "what were they thinking?" questions. After the panel, Steve engaged in some autograph signing for some real hard-core enthusiasts.

Steve was invited to speak on the "Future of Filmmaking" at Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY
Guest Speaker - "Future of Filmmaking"
March 26, 2007, Syracuse, NY

Steve was invited to Syracuse University by professor Pat Longstaff to speak to her advanced class on Communications Management on the subject of the future of filmmaking. Steve first delivered a brief overview of the impacting technologies of digital capture, digital dailies, color management, computer animation, and digital intermediate, then the floor was thrown open for questions and discussion. Of particular interest to the students was the impact of the trend of the migration of powerful digital production technologies to an ever broader user base.

Tata Elxsi VCL hired Steve to do facilities training in Mumbai , India and while on a return trip he was asked to present  a talk on  the Digital Intermediate process to a group of Indian DOP's

Mumbai, India
Guest Speaker - "Digital Intermediate"
December 9, 2006

Visual Computing Labs is the feature film visual effects division of Tata Elxsi, the engineering and software development division of Tata Group, India's largest multi-national corporation. The Digital Intermediate process is new to India so the "Bollywood" filmmakers were all hungry for information on the process. Steve was asked to give a two hour talk to standing room only crowd of the biggest DP's (Directors of Photography) in Bollywood to explain how the process works, their creative options in the process, and what problems can be encountered. The talk was followed by a rousing Q&A session.

Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA and SMPTE teamed up to invite Steve to RIT for a taklk on digital compositing and the Digital Intermediate process

Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Film and Animation
Rochester, NY
Guest Lecturer - "Digital Compositing with Shake and Digital Intermediate"
October 29, 2005

Steve was invited to the Rochester Institute of Technology by professor Charles Bandla and the Rochester Chapter of SMPTE to address an auditorium of entertainment media students on digital compositing techniques using the Shake compositing software. Steve demonstrated several advanced matte extraction techniques as well as motion tracking, morphing, and image stitching available in the latest version of Shake, Apple's renown compositing software. Following the Shake demonstrations a power point talk was presented on the Digital Intermediate film finishing process now sweeping through Hollywood filmmaking.

Steve was asked by Ron Lindeboom to be a Keynote Speaker on the role of High Definition video in television  production

Creative Cow West 2003
Media Professional's Conference & Expo
Los Angeles, CA

Keynote Speaker -"HDTV in Film and Video Production"
Feb 18, 2003

As keynote speaker, Steve addressed the subject of the rapidly expanding role of HiDef video in television production and its impact on digital effects. HiDef is rapidly emerging as the delivery medium of choice for the HBO and the networks and understanding the 24P frame rate, aspect ratios, image sizes, and the fact that the pixels are, at last, square. The impact of all this and its differences with interlaced Standard Definition video to videographers, producers, and digital artist are described and strategies for coping with the differences are revealed.

For a review of Steve's talk by a reporter from the webzine EmediaLive.com click here.

For an overview of the Creative Cow West 2003 Expo click here.

Digital Studio Conference asked Steve to be a Keynote Speaker in regards to the Digital Intermediate process

The DIGITAL STUDIO presented by the iHollywoodForum
Los Angeles, CA
Keynote Speaker - "Digital IntermediateWyndham Belage Hotel
June 19-20, 2003

As keynote speaker, Steve gave an in-depth look at the Digital Intermediate process and how it has been enabled by recent technological breakthroughs. Comparisons with conventional lab processing and color timing with the trade-offs for creative control, schedule, and budget. There was also a revealing discussion of the all important 24P master.

To read a press release about the (then) upcoming Forum click here.

Steve was a guest speaker at the Motion Picture Educator's Symposium on the topic of "Feature Film Digital Effects"

Kodak - Motion Picture Educator's Symposium
Rochester, NY
Guest Speaker - "Feature Film Digital Effects"
October 7, 2002

Speaking to a group of educators in the Rochester, NY film production community, Steve described the modern process of digital effects production. He described how and why film was digitized at 4k resolution then down-rez'd to 2k for digital compositing. There were illustrations of digital keying and despill techniques, 2D transformations, and motion vector based speed changes (retimers). Finishing with a detailed explanation of recording the finished digital effects shot back out to film using laser film recorders.

"Infinity" is a 70mm IMAX trailer about the Mandelbrot Fractal set narrated by Arthur C. Clarke and directed by Ron Fricke

SIGGRAPH - 28th Conference & Exhibition
Los Angeles, CA
Electronic Theatre Featured Piece - "Infinity"
August 2001

"Infinity" is a 2 minute 70mm IMAX piece directed by Ron Fricke and featuring Arthur C. Clarke as the host of a mind boggling trip through the Mandelbrot set of fractals as a visualization of the concept of mathematical infinity. Stunning colors and a dizzying plunge into the psychedelic depths of the fractal landscape zooming in by literally a factor of billions was accompanied by a pulsing musical score that left the mind reeling.



Large Format Cinema Association (LFCA)
Los Angeles, CA
Guest Speaker - "The Next Wave: Digital Techniques in Large Format"
May 20, 2000

The LFCA is an association of film producers that specialize in IMAX and 70mm large film formats. Steve was a speaker in the "Content Creation" forum to describe his experiences producing digital effects shots for IMAX. The project in question was the "Infinity" IMAX piece that was shown at Siggraph (above).

To read a Millimeter article by Ellen Wolff click here. The coverage of the "Infinity" project begins four paragraphs from the bottom of the first page.

Steve presented a one-day seminar on digital effcts for teachers and trainers at Siggraph's '99 Electronic Schoolhouse

SIGGRAPH - 26th Annual Conference & Exhibition
Los Angeles, CA
Session Speaker - "Electronic Schoolhouse: An Introduction to Digital Effects"
August 1999

The Electronic Schoolhouse was a one day seminar for teachers and trainers to introduce them to digital effects. Steve's talk addressed the principles of 3D animation, 2D compositing, and morphing with supporting visuals and animations.

To see the Siggraph 1999 schedule describing the event click here.

NATPE AniFX - Animation and Special Effects Expo - Steve was invited by UCLA Extension to present his "UCLA Digital Backlot" talk

NATPE - Anifx 97, 1st Annual Animation & Special Effects Expo
Los Angeles, CA
Session Speaker - "Digital Backlot: An Introduction to Digital Image Creation for Film & Television"
Presented by UCLA extension on May 10, 1997

When NATPE decided to host an "animation FX" (Anifx) conference they invited UCLA Extension to present their "Digital Backlot" to address the emerging digital aspects of the animation industry. As the Digital Backlot's most digital speaker, Steve was invited to make the presentation.

You can read a short article on the NATPE Anifx conference in Variety by clicking here.

UCLA's Extension Program: Digital Backlot  where Steve was a regular presenter on the topic of visual effectsUCLA's Digital Backlot Extended Educational Series
Session Speaker - "An Introduction to Digital Image Creation for Film & Television"

UCLA Extension periodically put on their "Digital Backlot", which was a one day seminar for students and professionals in the digital effects industry. Steve was one of the regular speakers introducing the principles of digital effects for film and television.

  • Sept. 23, 1995 - UCLA
  • Mar. 30, 1996 - DGA
  • July 13, 1996 - UCLA
  • Sept. 28, 1996 - DGA
  • Jan. 25, 1997 - DGA
  • May 3, 1997 - UCLA
  • July 12, 1997 - Raleigh Studios
  • Apr. 18, 1998 - Sony Pictures Imageworks

"FernGully: The Last Rainforest" - Steve presented on the topic of the digital ink and paint for animated feature films as he designed one of the first digital ink and paint systems outside of Disney

SIGGRAPH - 19th Annual Conference & Exhibition
Chicago, IL
Panel Member - "FernGully: The Last Rainforest"
July 1992

Steve was a member of this Siggraph panel that revealed the technological and artistic innovations in the animated feature film "FernGully:The Last Rainforest". When released it was the highest grossing non-Disney animated film at that time. Steve displayed and discussed the digital ink and paint system he developed and how it was used with the Pixar computer to create ground breaking digital effects for this animated feature film years before digital effects became common in animated films. Click here to see Siggraph's course description of the panel.

MICAD '88 - Seventh International Conference on CAD/CAM and Computer Graphics where Steve was the Plenary Opening Session  speaker

MICAD 1988 Conferences
Palais de Congres, Paris, France
International Exhibition of CAD/CAM and Computer Graphics
Plenary Opening Session Speaker - "Image Processing for Mind, Body & Soul"
Presented on March 22, 1988

Steve was invited to Paris to deliver a talk entitled "Image Processing for Mind, Body & Soul" to the 7th International Conference as a Plenary Opening Session speaker. His talk was an overview of state-of-the-art image processing techniques applied to medical imaging, satellite earth studies, and 2D computer animation for cartooning and how 3D machine technology was being modified to be used in the world of entertainment.