Markee Magazine

Markee Magazine May 1996
Mattel “Polly Pocket” Commercials

markee 150pxAtomix, a Los Angeles animation studio, used Cambridge Animation Systems’ Animo software to create a life-sized, 2D animated Polly Pocket for three Mattel commercials. The Mattel Polly Pocket toys feature tiny plastic characters in different scenarios that fit into a container roughly the size of a woman’s compact.

The challenge for the commercials was making Dave Spafford’s (Roger Rabit fame) animated Polly Pockets appear three dimensional enough to interact believably with two actresses on the live-action sets. To give Polly depth, Atomix’s executive producer and digital ink-and-paint expert, Steve Wright, worked with Spafford to create the look.

Wright’s Hollywood digital ink-and-paint crew scanned the artwork and used Animo to ink-and-paint cels, tone cel layers, and render out the layers for compositing. Wright, a seasoned compositor of 5 animated features and 12 commercials, then composited the animation over the live-action footage, which featured the actresses in life-sized replicas of each of the Polly Pocket Environments

polly-pockets-hair-sc12 200pxpolly-pockets-pony-sc11 200pxpolly-pockets-waterpark-sc4 200px