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* July 26-28 -  Attending SIGGRAPH in Anaheim, CA.

* July 30 -  Steve to be a speaker at Classic Game Fest 2016, Austin, Texas on "Movies Into Games and Games Into Movies".

* August 2016 -  Next installment of Nuke Nuggets to be released on lynda.com. Follow Steve to get pinged when it is released.

* August 2016 -  Master VFX Course: Keying will be released on lynda.com. Follow Steve to get pinged when it is released.

* December 30 -  Planned delivery date of 4th edition manuscript for "Digital Compositing for Film and Video" to the publisher.



* March 15 - Greenscreen Workshop with Denver Media Professionals

* April 13-21 - Attending NAB, Las Vegas, NV

* June 19 -  Speaker at Denver Comic Con


"ACES Color Management" Op-Ed

In the last several years the subject of color management has become a colossal issue in the visual effects community, and for two distinctly different reasons. The first is that a modern visual effects project will get images from a wide variety of cameras and sources, so how do we get all of these different images to play nice together in a shot? Secondly, how can you render photorealistic CGI for a movie when the live action clips you need to match to bounce around in different color spaces? The answer is ACES, the Academy Color Encoding Specification, that promises to unify all images into a grand unified field theory of color? Read more at ACES Color Management.

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    Color for Digital Artists is a unique webinar all about color that is specifically designed for digital artists. If you are a photographer, video editor, Photoshop artist, motion graphics artist, 3D animator, visual effects artist, or frankly, any kind of artist today working with pictures your job depends on working with digital images. In this webinar you will learn what happens when color hits the computer.

    We have been asked repeatedly to run this 2-hour plus webinar again. Instead we have decided to make it permanently available as an on-demand webinar for individuals with a purchase price of only $59.95USD. A description and preview video can be seen here so you can see what you missed!

    The Color for Digital Artists webinar was so well received when it first ran that both Animal Logic and Disney Feature Animation purchased site licenses to make it available to their entire staff. If you would like to have this webinar available to the entire staff of your company, just contact us to get a quote for a site license and join the likes of Animal Logic and Disney Feature Animation.


    We are pleased to announce that Steve's introductory compositing book, Compositing Visual Effects, is being translated into Chinese and will go on sale August of 2014. We are agog at the prospect of 1.4 billion Chinese learning compositing and can't wait until Steve's advanced book, Digital Compositing for Film and Video, is also translated. This joins Steve's two other international book translations into Korean and Spanish. 


    Your path to learning to Nuke begins here in this 6 week Nuke 2D Compositing Workshop. This workshop introduces the Nuke interface and shows how to navigate between the viewer, node graph, curve editor, and property panels. Keyframe animation, expressions, and linking between nodes are covered in detail. You will get extensive training on Nuke's unique 32 bit float linear light-space, color management and the major color correcting nodes. The RotoPaint node is covered in great detail with nearly an hour's worth of tutorials for this very sophisticated roto and procedural paint system. The topics then move on to compositing Multi-pass CGI and point tracking, including corner pinning, and includes all four of Nuke's world-class greenscreen/bluescreen keyer nodes.




    This Nuke 3D Compositing Workshop is for those artists that want to go beyond 2D compositing and advance to 3D compositing. This 6 week online vfx training workshop dives into Nuke's awesome 3D compositing capability and covers the several major new features introduced in Nuke 6.3. Of course this workshop will thoroughly cover the basics like creating 3D geometric primitives, adding lights, cameras and shaders, plus texture mapping and animating geometry. The workshop then pulls it all together with several examples of classic 3D compositing workflow techniques, including the all-important camera projection.

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